Four Frugal Ways to Live More Sustainably

Each choice we make matters. Our choices as consumers come with costs to both ourselves and the earth. Choosing to live more sustainably can not only save the planet from damage, it can save you money. Let’s consider four areas where frugality and sustainable living meet. 1. DIY: Do-It-Yourself. What can you make yourself rather thanContinue reading “Four Frugal Ways to Live More Sustainably”

Why I ate a scorpion

Can bugs feed the world? Entomophagy for sustainability. Yep, that’s me taking a bite of a scorpion snack… bread, cream cheese, a big black arachnid… and I ate everything except the claws. It was … interesting… en·to·moph·a·gy /ˌen(t)əˈmäfəjē/ noun: the practice of eating insects, especially by people. Years ago friends in Minneapolis experimented with starting a businessContinue reading “Why I ate a scorpion”

My (brief) tale of two cities

From small town girl to big city cyclist When I moved to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota I was clueless about city culture. Growing up in North Dakota with six siblings did not prepare me for navigating the life of a single college girl, alone in a metropolis. The Twin Cities, Minneapolis andContinue reading “My (brief) tale of two cities”